Group Sessions

Friendship Group

Social skills are the focus of the Friendship Group. Groups meet either during lunch or another time during the school day and run for 6-8 weeks. Friendship Group is offered to all children in grades 2-4 via teacher or parent request.

Topics include:
How to make new friends
Joining a game
Conflict management
Sharing ideas
Being a leader
Letting others lead
Including others   

Changing Families Group

This group is for children whose parents are in the process of separation or are divorced. 

Games, books, and art work about the many facets of divorce and separation are explored. The group is flexible and can be long or short term depending on need.

Can Do Club

Increased confidence is the goal. The group meets once a week and does various activities to help aid in increasing their self-esteem and assertiveness.

Games, books, and role-play is at the center of this group. Children learn to replace "I can't" with "I will try" and "I can!"

    Relax a Bit

This group focuses on learning relaxation strategies to cope with stress and/or anxiety. Deep breathing, visualization, and positive self-talk are all a part of the strategies children learn to climb over their "worry walls."